Experiential Learning with Horses
and Nature


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Personal Discovery

As our way to say to the U.S. Military Veterans "Thank you for your service" Military Veterans and their familes are invited to be our guests without fee to all our events.

Personal Discovery
Group Opportunities


Woman’s Call of the Wild

An Inner Journey, Vision Quest
and Retreat in Nature

August 19, 3:00 pm – August 21, 3:00 pm 2016 Pebble Ledge Ranch, Novelty, Ohio

Have you been hearing the call of the wild?

Have you been dreaming and awakening to inner knowing?

Womans Call of the Wild

Gather your deep feminine instinct, free horse spirit, wildish and wolfish nature and love of the natural world. We will follow the trails through the forest uncovering our natural primitive self step by step. Gathering in a tribal circle we will share care and wisdom. The river calls us to be heard, the earth longs for our footsteps to hold the souls of our feet, the trees and rocks have secrets to tell us, the fire holds healing warmth for our bones and the wind inspiration for our spirit.

Moving with the rhythm of timelessness and ceremonial space, listening deeply within we will create the energetic field to support each other’s wisdom and instinctual natures. Connecting through nature to your wilderness spirit, inner nature and natural being.

  • Discover quiet moments in nature and spend peaceful time
  • Join a herd of seven wise horses and one courageous zebra
  • Sit by a campfire or listen to the creek to reflect, dream and vision
  • Stretch your body and self perception walking or climbing
  • Dwell beneath 350 million year old ledges & 1.1 billion year old crystals
  • Nap underneath a tree and enjoy the simple luxury of slowing down.
  • Awaken through body intelligence and energetic awareness
  • Sleep on the earth; under the stars, in the forest yurt or cottage
  • Expand your authentic presence and life-design through ceremony
  • Explore the simple questions: Who am I? How am I to be? What is my unique purpose? If not now, when?

Pebble Ledge Ranch

The land is about 80 acres and is surrounded by 500 acres of Geauga Park land and the Geauga Rookery. The Chagrin River wanders along and through the forest of the east boundary offering beautiful places to dwell by the water and to splash about on warm days. The west boundary is guarded by a Hemlock forest and old Canadian Glacial Rock and ledge formations and millions of 1.1 billion year old quartz pebbles...hence the name Pebble Ledge. On the north boundary is a three acre natural bog with amazing lily pads, water birds, turtles and many other primordial critters of the bog. The south boundary is living space for people and horses. The 20 acre rolling pasture is home to the herd of 7 remarkable horses and one courageous zebra, which live freely, joyfully and at peace.

We have a campsite in the forest above the beautiful ancient grandfather and grandmother ledges. Many sacred and ceremonial sites have revealed themselves and welcome us to learn from them.

Registration: Open to a circle of 25 women. To register for your place in the circle or for more information contact Jackie at jacalynstevenson@gmail.com

Fee: $250.00

Inspiring Emerging Vision: An Inward Journey in the Mountains of Montana

2017 Dates To Be Announced
Blacktail Ranch, Wolf Creek, Montana, USA

Facilitated by Jackie Stevenson (Spirit of Leadership)
& Herb Stevenson (Cleveland Consulting Group)

Prepare to make a positive difference in your life and the lives of others.

Montana Retreat

Surrounded by the majestic Montana wilderness, the living system of nature, free-spirited horses and the collective wisdom of community, you can expand your capacity to inspire your visions to emerge.

  • Build Generative Community: Supporting Your Vision
  • Create Relationship within Living Systems: Clarifying Your Vision
  • Discover Your Authentic Presence In Nature: Engaging Your Vision
  • Experience Emergent Awareness: Listening to Your Vision
  • Meet Your Emergent Future: Bringing Your Vision Home
  • Join the adventure listening intuitively from within, engaging in generative dialogue, learning from the interconnectivity of nature, opening to a future that wants to emerge for yourself and your organizations and being there to greet it.

Program Overview

Discovering the spirit of the wild we regain the passion of our wild-at-heart human spirit. Exploring the majestic wilderness around us and within us we discover more of the beauty and majesty of humanity.

In indigenous culture the wilderness is called "the place where life begins." The wilderness embodies and reveals insights to help us move beyond our habitual thought, limiting perceptions, and behavior patterns. It is the place where fear of the future and a deeper lived experience of authenticity and presencing exists.

As we experience nature, an increased awareness to our own inner world of personal existence expands to a new form of connection to our self, others, and the environment surrounding us.

Experiences in the wilderness challenge us sufficiently to disorient what is familiar and to enable breakthrough thinking. Nature in this sense is the ultimate teacher of living systems. As part of that living system, we can learn to see beyond individual parts to the beauty, patterns, and complexity of the whole.

Engaging SoL Principles

We will draw from and incorporate SoL principles - one of which is aligning with nature - as well as practices and learning tools developed by Peter Senge, Arawana Hayashi, Otto Scharmer.

Who Should Attend

  • People who are committed to making a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of others by inspiring emerging vision
  • Leaders seeking to expand their personal mastery through developing inner resources and expanding their relational skills
  • Professionals from corporate business, nonprofit organizations, government agencies or educational institutions across a diverse range of industries, roles, and backgrounds
  • People interested in immersing in and learning from the living system of nature

In This Program You Will:

  • Enter the wilderness within ourselves and within the majesty of Montana to explore your personal leadership, strengthen your vision, build a community of purpose
  • Deepen your capacity to operate through awareness, attention, and intention, and create internal commitment for inspired performance, and an emergent future that benefits all
  • Create competencies together that we cannot create alone
  • Strengthen awareness of your authentic presence and its impact your life by exploring your human and ecological identity within the larger system of nature

Engaging the Collective

Integrating daily practices of meditation, reflection, journaling, movement and stillness, we will rebalance our inner world to be more in harmony with our outer world. Through community wisdom gatherings, alone time, coaching, and dialogue circles we will explore our inner self from deep within. We will grant ourselves permission to relax, revitalize, and have fun.

Inquiring of ourselves and each other we will challenge ourselves to ask,” What is my/our calling and purpose? How can we live with meaning and balance?" We will surface the questions that we don’t yet know to ask and bring forth our visions.

Preparing ourselves to make a positive difference with the wisdom of the collective as a guide by reconnecting with our inner knowing, our primal instincts, and our natural compassion.

Engaging With Horses

Learning to live in harmonious community, as horses have lived in herds for 60 million years, is to experience the energy of holism. Horses have thrived by:

  • Accessing the innate and sensed collective wisdom of the herd
  • Developing individual strengths and collective leadership
  • Living in harmony with each other and the environment
  • Being present while moving toward the best possible future
  • Observing and interacting with horses in their herd and natural setting provides a lived experience for you to develop authentic presence, deepen the quality of the inner place from which you operate, and expand your capacity to be more congruent, consistent, and successful in your actions.

In the quiet presence of horses, we can learn to listen deeply to ourselves and to others - responding to our world more courageously, compassionately and consciously. Horses offer us the opportunity to learn to communicate effectively through body language, emotional intelligence and common "sense"-ability. We learn to pay more attention to non-verbal communication and to our relationship to “herds” through physical, social and relational space.

Montana Retreat

About Blacktail Ranch

Your home for the program, Blacktail Ranch, is comfortable guest ranch located on 8,000 acres of wilderness in the heart of the Rocky Mountains at the base of the continental divide. You will be surrounded by mountains, fields and forest with a pristine river running through and a herd of horses running free. The land is sacred and rich in archeological sites including an extensive five-mile bear cave system dating back to the last ice age, an ancient sun wheel, and medicine wheel that will inform our quest for answers.

The Ranch can accommodate 25 guests who will be the exclusive guests for the entire stay. Accommodations include single and shared individual cabins, a common house to be shared by several people, and a main lodge comprised of individual and shared rooms. Once you register for the program you will be contacted to arrange lodging. Lodging is first come first served.

Lodging and Transportation

Room rates vary from $175 to $225 per night depending on single or double occupancy, cabin or ranch house, and include three healthy meals daily. You may choose to rent a car or transportation can be arranged for you from Great Falls airport at a cost of $100 each way. The ranch is approximately 75 minutes away from the airport.

Past Participants Include:

Cleveland Clinic, VitaMix, Erikson Manufacturing, Cleveland Public School System, Case Western Reserve University, and others.

Cost of Attendance
- For SoL North America Members (save $300.00)
- Business: $4295*
- Non-profit: $3995*

For Non-Members
- Business: $4595*
- Non-profit: $4295*

*Excludes lodging & transportation. See Lodging and Transportation Section above.

Early Registration

Register by April 30th to receive a $200 early registration discount! Discounts will be automatically applied during registration.



Daring Dreams,
Dancing with Destiny

Imagining & Meeting Our Emerging
Possibilities Women’s Leadership Retreat

Daring Dreams, Dancing with DestinyJoin us on a journey to strengthen our individual and collective capacity to live authentically in the present and move with grace, power and spirit towards a meaningful and thriving future.

You are invited to join an intimate circle of like-spirited women leaders to advance toward the best possible future - for you and for others by tapping into your inner knowing and strengthening your purposeful actions and living your destiny.

Surrounded by the beauty and wisdom of nature and engaging with free spirited horses, we deepen our personal mastery by connecting with our inner knowing, authentic primal instincts, natural compassion and wilderness spirit.

Collectively we will bring our attention to our leadership presence through embodied intelligence, emotional resonance, cognitive agility and spiritual awakening. We will invite answers to our most important personal and professional life questions. It will provide us with a deeper awareness of ourselves and what is really going on, allowing us to develop our authentic leadership presence.

This Retreat is a Time for us to:

  • Discover and trust the wise information from within ourselves
  • Invite answers to our most important personal and professional life questions
  • Move from limiting past experience to an open and aware present and forward to our best emergent future
  • Gain insight into our embodied presence and body language to better understand the non-verbal messages we are giving and receiving
  • Create competencies together that we cannot create alone for inspired performance, meaningful results, and profound sustainable change
  • Remember who we truly are and to stretch beyond what we believe is possible

We Will

  • Find quiet moments in nature, within ourselves and with others
  • Reflect alone and share our reflections by the warmth of a campfire
  • Listen to the creek as we deeply listen within
  • Nap underneath a tree to discover the roots of our intuition
  • Learn to trust the wisdom of our bodies
  • Spend peaceful time alone and gather wisdom in the presence of other women
  • Discover the courage to listen for the call of the wild from within and within each other
  • Stretch our muscles walking or climbing as we stretch our perceptions of the world around us
  • Join with and learn from a herd of gentle hearted horses and a courageous zebra
  • Prepare to be change makers, advocating for the greater good of all
  • We will ignite our systemic awareness and life as an interrelated living system – to unleash infinite possibilities and embrace our unique destiny

Partnering With Horses

Horse Turning AwayFor generations horses have carried us physically upon their backs - taking us further and carrying us faster than we could travel alone. Today in unique partnership with humans, horses can guide you to find your way of being, relating and leading within the challenging terrain of your work world.

Horses Challenge Us
To Be Our Best

  • Horses are remarkable teachers of leadership and facilitators of human development. They have an amazing ability to resonate with our true emotional intelligence, offer a 360 perspective and reflect back to us,our authentic self.
  • Engaging with horses and the wilderness in focused and reflective activity challenges us to learn how to think rather than what to think. Horses offer immediate feedback about our presence, emotional intelligence, and embodied language. The wilderness offers us a place to recover and revitalise our soul.
  • Horses can bring a high degree of chaos and unexpected change. We learn to summon moment to moment calm, strength, focus, respect, and trust to maintain a mutually safe and beneficial working relationship with the horse - all essential capabilities.
  • It is not about horses, it's about you as an inspiring leader in your personal and professional context. There is no horse riding and no horse experience is needed.
  • Be prepared to have a meaningful and fun experience –that is safe, physically and emotionally.

Engaging Nature And Our Own Inner Nature

  • Nature is the ultimate teacher of living systems and we as part of that living system, can learn to see beyond individual parts to the beauty, patterns and complexity and simplicity of the whole.
  • Nature educates us to see; not to visualize, not to project, but to experience sight and insight.
  • As humans we need contact and relations to each other, and to that which is beyond human, and beyond ourselves.
  • Nature supports the inner building of identity of heartiness and hardiness.
  • In the wilderness we can better recognise our true nature.


Start: Monday 17th October 2016 (circa 3pm)
End: Thursday 20th October 2016 (circa 2pm)


Pebble Ledge Ranch Retreat
9796 Cedar Rd
Novelty, OH 44072

Whow Do I Get There?

Nearest Airport: Hopkins International Airport, Cleveland Ohio (CLE)


From & To Airport: once we know all your flight details we can inform you of the most efficient arrangements
From B&B to the Ranch: we will cater for this/collect and return you all each day.

Where To Stay

Accommodation (not included in Programme Fee):

Red Maple Inn, Burton, Ohio - www.redmapleinn.com/

We have booked rooms in advance. These will be held from October 16th - 20th (once you know which dates you require we can adjust) –please contact Jackie to co-ordinate room bookings.

Agreed Rate: They are working on a good group rate for us of c $139.00 per night (weeknights)-$159.00 per night. (Fri/Sat/Sun) which includes a yummy breakfast

How Much (Exclusive of accommodation)

Prices are as follows:

  • $4,500.00 US dollars for Corporate Clients (being funded by their organisations)
  • $3,500.00 US Dollars for those funding themselves

When Do I Pay

  • 20% deposit secures your place
  • Remaining fee payable by Friday 26th August 2016
  • Please contact us directly if an alternative payment plan will enable you to attend

Some Words From Some
of Our 2015 Participants

“The time and space that opened up on this retreat had a customized yet collective brilliance to it. We seemed suspended in another place where the trees and horses and wild women spoke to us, whispering or shouting or stomping messages that were exactly what I needed to hear. The balance between individual and collective time was spot on. The ease into the depth, although frustrating for me at the time, in retrospect was wise and well managed. I came with several intentions and questions, and left with the answers and so much more. Tess and Jackie know how to create a powerful learning and transformation space in beautiful partnership with the horses and Mother Nature. If you are looking for a space to be held as a woman on your journey, to be met where you are and taken farther than you though you’d go, sign up now!” - Cari Caldwell

“The time at the retreat was one of those rare occasions where I really got to stop, reflect and spend time on me. The environment and the way the days were structured providing a feeling of complete safety to do and be who I needed to be and led me through a wonderful journey of exploration. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who is journeying to find their true soul purpose.” - Tracey Gray

“I didn’t know what to expect, but was amazed with the whole experience! The variety and flow of the activities created such a powerful and deeply enriching experience. I felt we were all held in a safe container to be so vulnerable and authentic and we were able to experience, explore, and share the deepest parts of ourselves”. - Lisa Kim

We look forward to journeying with you...

Jackie & Tess


Horses, Heart and Spirit

Women’s Group - Ongoing

A circle of women and a herd of horses come together to explore on what has heart, spirit and meaning for us at this time in our lives. There is no horse riding, this is about relationship and we all have our feet on the ground.

Join our daytime group which herds up weekly beginning Wednesday from 9:30-11:30 am on April 27, May 4, 11, 18, June 1, 15, 22, 29, July 6 The evening group meets once a month from 6:30pm -8:30 pm, Tuesday April 26, May 24, June 21 Summer Solstice celebration).

We will spend time together outside in nature, in the covered arena or inside the cottage as Mother Nature and we decide.

Fee: $30.00 per day or evening.

You can attend sessions individually and attend as you can but please confirm your place in the herd for each day/evening you will be attending by e-mailing Jackie prior to group meeting at Jacalynstevenson@gmail.com

Details and Information for All the Above Personal Discovery Workshops

HollyPartner with our gentle hearted horses and zebra within the beauty of nature for a day of personal discovery.

There is no riding the focus is on relationship - the work with the horse takes place on the ground. No Horse experience is necessary.

Time: 9:30 - 3:00
Group size: Up to 14 participants with our team of 7 horses and a zebra
Location: Pebble Ledge Ranch, Novelty, Ohio 44072

For Registration or info e-mail jacalyn.stevenson@gmail.com or call 440-338-1752 .

  • Jackie Stevenson MSSA, Equine Guided Education Certification, European Association of Horse Assisted Education certification
  • Lisa Kayser and staff
  • and our awesome herd of seven horses and one courageous zebra--uncommon heroes for the common good--Be, Thunderheart, Rojo, Spirit, Toby, Lily and Raven and Holly.

Personal and Professional Retreats at Pebble Ledge Ranch

Visit Personal or Professional Retreats at Pebble Ledge Ranch to learn more.


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