Experiential Learning with Horses
and Nature


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Personal Discovery

As our way to say to the U.S. Military Veterans "Thank you for your service" Military Veterans and their familes are invited to be our guests without fee to all our events.


  • Nature's Spring Fling Workshop

    Sunday, May 18, 2014
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  • Drum and Journey Circle
    Inspired by Horses and Nature

    Sunday, May 18, 2014
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  • Horses, Heart and Spirit

    Ongoing women's group
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Nature's Spring Fling Workshop

Experience what is "Naturally Yours"
Through Creative Writing, Horses and Nature

A Spring Retreat: Holding Space for What You Want to Create

Date: Sunday May 18, 2014
Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Optional: Journey and Drum Circle with Horses, 3:30-5:00 pm
Fee: $100 for retreat, $125 for retreat and Drum Circle
Location: Pebble Ledge Ranch, Novelty, Ohio

Facilitated by Boo Geisse, Jackie Stevenson and the Spirit of Leadership herd.

Join seven innovative horses and one courageous zebra for a day of personal discovery, free flowing writing and free spirited horseplay.

Learning Agenda:

  • Diverse writing experiences to foster personal and creative growth

  • An optional nature hike to inspire creativity

  • Time spent with horses, who will serve as creative guides, muses and partners

  • A creative community of like-minded persons

  • A focus on holding space for and welcoming in new creation, both personal and creative

  • Experience the beauty of the forest, meadow, and stream through the lens of ecological identity and biomimicry

Join the horse and human herd for the workshop where "Everyone belongs, everyone is essential and everyone matters."

This workshop is for those with a curious spirit, a love of adventure, a quest of inner knowing and a desire to kick up your hooves.

For information and registration contact Jackie at jacalynstevenson@gmail.com or 440-338-7058.

Drum and Journey Circle

Inspired by Horses and Nature

Join us for a Horse and Nature Inspired Drum and Journey Circle

Drum Beats, Heartbeats and Hoofbeats: A Horse inspired Drum and Journey Circle for Inspiration, Healing and Well Being

Drumming CircleDates: Sunday May 18, 2014
Time: 3:30 - 5:30pm
Place: Pebble Ledge Ranch, Novelty Ohio
Donation/Fee: $25.00
Guided by: Jackie and Herb Stevenson, seven gentle hearted horses and one courageous zebra.

Reservations required by e-mail to Jackie at jacalynstevenson@gmail.com.

Bring your own drum (or we can provide you with one), two blankets to sit upon & a journal. Dress for the weather as we will be drumming and journeying outside or in a covered area with the horses.

Horses, as all nature, are remarkable teachers of sacred relationship. They have an amazing ability to resonate with our true emotions and reflect back to us our authentic self. Horses are inherently shamans and holy ones, they are the sacred drum beat as their hoofs touch the earth in natural rhythm.

Join us for this unique opportunity to share a drum and journey circle with the human and horse herd. Our drumming and journey circle is open to adults of all spiritual backgrounds and practices.

Save the dates or register for upcoming Ecological Identity and Biomimicry "nature and horses" workshop experiences

Nature's Summer Celebration

August 10, 2013
Doing nothing so something can happen

Nature's Fall and Colorful Lessons of Change

Saturday September 11, 2013
What m I harvesting from this season of life?

As our way to say to the U.S. Military Veterans "Thank you for your service" Military Veterans and their familes are invited to be our guests without fee to all our events.

Personal Discovery
Group Opportunities

Horses, Heart and Spirit

Women’s Group - Ongoing

A circle of women and a herd of horses come together to explore on what has heart, spirit and meaning.

There is no horse riding, this is about relationship and we all have our feet on the ground.

Join our Wednesday daytime group or our Tuesday evening group.

We hope you will join us as we create our new horse and human herd and begin our individual and collective adventure.

In the presence of the horses and our circle of women we will focus our awareness on what has heart, spirit and meaning for us at this time in our lives.

Join our daytime group which herds up weekly Wednesday afternoons from 1:30-4:00. The evening group meets once a month. The meetings will be Tuesday April 29 and May 13.

We will spend time together outside in nature, in the covered arena or inside the cottage as Mother Nature and we decide.

Fee: $30.00 per day or evening.

You can attend sessions individually and attend as you can but please Reserve your place in the herd for each day/evening you will be attending by e-mailing Jackie at Jacalynstevenson@gmail.com.

"Coming Home" Veterans Group

Starting date to be announced

  • Discover Personal Strengths

Making Peace with the Past

  • Identify and Access Support
  • Build Trust
  • Focus on Present Life Purpose and Meaning
  • Move Toward Opportunity and a Positive Future

The Heart of the Horse:
Helping People Heal

Starting date to be announced

A group for survivors of abuse and other life trauma. The healing and well being discovered through compassion, courage and community.

All sessions facilitated by a licensed social worker and/ or psychologist, a horse specialist, and a herd of gentle hearted horses

Details and Information for All the Above Personal Discovery Workshops

HollyPartner with our gentle hearted horses and zebra within the beauty of nature for a day of personal discovery.

There is no riding the focus is on relationship - the work with the horse takes place on the ground. No Horse experience is necessary.

Time: 9:30 - 3:00
Group size: Up to 14 participants with our team of 7 horses and a zebra
Location: Pebble Ledge Ranch, Novelty, Ohio 44072

For Registration or info e-mail jacalyn.stevenson@gmail.com or call 440-338-1752 .

  • Jackie Stevenson MSSA, Equine Guided Education Certification, European Association of Horse Assisted Education certification
  • Lisa Kayser and staff
  • and our awesome herd of seven horses and one courageous zebra--uncommon heroes for the common good--Be, Thunderheart, Rojo, Spirit, Toby, Lily and Raven and Holly.

Personal and Professional Retreats at Pebble Ledge Ranch

Visit Personal or Professional Retreats at Pebble Ledge Ranch to learn more.


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