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Personal Discovery

As our way to say to the U.S. Military Veterans "Thank you for your service" Military Veterans and their familes are invited to be our guests without fee to all our events.

Personal Discovery
Group Opportunities


Woman’s Call of the Wild

The Wild is alive in all of us Let her out to play

“All good things are wild and free” Henry David Thoreau

An inner journey, vision quest and woman’s retreat in winter wonderland

Listen for the call of the winter wild within the magic of winter dream and awaken to inner knowing

February 4, 9:00 am – February 5, 3:00 pm, 2017 Pebble Ledge Ranch, Novelty, Ohio

Gather your deep feminine instinct, free horse spirit, wildish and wolfish nature and love of the natural world. We will follow the snowy trails through the forest uncovering our natural primitive self step by step. Gathering in a tribal circle around a warm fire we will share stories and wisdom.

The river calls us to be heard, the earth longs for our footsteps to hold the souls of our feet, the trees and rocks have secrets to tell us, the fire holds healing warmth for our bones and the wind inspiration for our spirit.

Connecting through nature to your wilderness spirit, inner nature and natural being:

  • Discover quiet moments in nature and spend peaceful time
  • Join a herd of seven wise horses and one courageous zebra
  • Sit by a campfire or listen to the creek to reflect, dream and vision
  • Stretch your body and self perception walking or climbing
  • Dwell beneath 350 million year old ledges & 1.1 billion year old crystals
  • In the stillness of winter enjoy the simple luxury of slowing down.
  • Awaken through body intelligence and energetic awareness

Moving with the rhythm of winter beauty, timelessness and ceremonial space, and listening deeply within we will create the energetic field to support each other’s wisdom, healing and instinctual natures.

Location: Pebble Ledge Ranch, Novelty, Ohio

Lodging: Sleep in a cozy cottage, shared rooms with two beds, or dorm camping on the living room floor or if you are hearty bring your tent or sleep in the yurt.

Meals included.

Registration: Open to a circle of 20 women. To register for your place in the circle or for more information contact Jackie at jacalynstevenson@gmail.com.

Fee: $175

The land is about 80 acres and is surrounded by 500 acres of Geauga Park land and the Geauga Rookery. The Chagrin River wanders along and through the forest of the east boundary offering beautiful places to dwell by the water and to splash about on warm days. The west boundary is guarded by a Hemlock forest and old Canadian Glacial Rock and ledge formations and millions of 1.1 billion year old quartz pebbles... hence the name Pebble Ledge. On the north boundary is a three-acre natural bog with amazing lily pads, water birds, turtles and many other primordial critters of the bog. The south boundary is living space for people and horses. The 20 acre rolling pasture is home to the herd of 7 remarkable horses and one courageous zebra, which live freely, joyfully and at peace.

We have a campsite in the forest above the beautiful ancient grandfather and grandmother ledges. Many sacred and ceremonial sites have revealed themselves and welcome us to learn from them.


Horses, Heart and Spirit

Women’s Group - Ongoing

A circle of women and a herd of horses come together to explore on what has heart, spirit and meaning for us at this time in our lives. There is no horse riding, this is about relationship and we all have our feet on the ground.

Join our daytime group which herds up weekly on Wednesdays from 1pm to 3pm beginning January 25th.

We will spend time together outside in nature, in the covered arena or inside the cottage as Mother Nature and we decide.

Fee: $30.00 per day or evening.

You can attend sessions individually and attend as you can but please confirm your place in the herd for each day/evening you will be attending by e-mailing Jackie prior to group meeting at Jacalynstevenson@gmail.com

Details and Information for All the Above Personal Discovery Workshops

HollyPartner with our gentle hearted horses and zebra within the beauty of nature for a day of personal discovery.

There is no riding the focus is on relationship - the work with the horse takes place on the ground. No Horse experience is necessary.

Time: 9:30 - 3:00
Group size: Up to 14 participants with our team of 7 horses and a zebra
Location: Pebble Ledge Ranch, Novelty, Ohio 44072

For Registration or info e-mail jacalyn.stevenson@gmail.com or call 440-338-1752 .

  • Jackie Stevenson MSSA, Equine Guided Education Certification, European Association of Horse Assisted Education certification
  • Lisa Kayser and staff
  • and our awesome herd of seven horses and one courageous zebra--uncommon heroes for the common good--Be, Chief Silver Cloud, Bud, Spirit, Toby, Tess and Raven and Holly.

Personal and Professional Retreats at Pebble Ledge Ranch

Visit Personal or Professional Retreats at Pebble Ledge Ranch to learn more.


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