Experiential Learning with Horses
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Professional Training
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Partnering with Horses for a Better World

Custom Designed Organization and Business Retreats & Training Opportunities for Leadership,Teams, Staff, Boards

  • Innovating, Engaging, Sustaining Positive Change

  • Experiential Learning with Horses, Nature and Biomimicry

  • Building Team Performance

  • Developing Leadership Excellence

  • Engaging Organizational Spirit

  • Inspiring Human Potential

We Deliver powerful action learning experiences with horses and nature for leadership development, team building and communication. The immediacy of the learning will help you to quickly internalize new insights and skills.

Our Approach is grounded in solid business principles, knowledge of human behavior, understanding of team dynamics and creative approaches to conflict and change

We Provide strength based learning experiences and activities relevant to real world, real-time work situations.

Experiential Learning with Horses Professional Practitioner Certificate Program

October 7-11, 2020
Pebble Ledge Ranch Novelty, Ohio 44072

Developing Human Potential for Positive Change for the Future of Humanity and All Life

This professional certificate program is designed for

  • People interested in integrating and facilitating relational work with horses in their careers and personal lives
  • People interested in strengthening personal mastery in their professional practice and personal lives by engaging with horses

Join the adventure with your fellow horse and human herd members for the Experiential Learning with Horses 2020 program. It is an honor, privilege and responsibility to engage with horses and to support people in their learning, healing and growth through experiential learning with horses.

NEW THIS YEAR: Bring your coaching, leadership, facilitation and unique talents to life with experiential learning with horses and nature activities, constellation experiences and a living system approach to understanding our life’s most important questions.

We will

  • Engage with horses entering the world of horse and herd as their guests rather than bringing horses into the human world
  • Create a community of purpose to learn from each other and to support each other’s personal mastery, visions and purpose
  • Strengthen our capacity to coach people guided by horses and nature to deliver leadership, team building & personal discovery sessions and retreats
  • Be guided by horses and nature in this process of expanding our personal mastery, consciousness and our own unique gift of presence and skills and with absolute care and kindness, honor and respect

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